Version 2.0 has been announced in a new trailer for the physics based simulation sandbox game Fun With Ragdolls: The Game. Check out the trailer above and read more about some of the new features coming to the game in the major update below:


“There are more features & improvements I don’t want to spoil for you just yet, but until then hopefully, this will tide you over until it’s available for everyone to play!”

Build Mode Features

  • Adjust the size of any item
  • Each item now has properties you can adjust
  • Set the color of any item
  • Vertical rotation
  • Axis/Plane locking for building straight lines

Player Features

  • Crouching
  • Adjustable run speed
  • Free Camera (Usable during Build Mode)
  • Cinematic Camera Generator (Used to make the trailer)
  • Flashlight

Ragdoll Features

  • New Seeker Ragdoll (Essentially plays hide & seek)
  • New Voice lines
  • New Skins & Skin Selector

New Items & Item Features

  • Telepad (For teleporting yourself & other Ragdolls)
  • Jump Pad
  • Chair
  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Missiles
  • Door
  • Laser Box
  • Destructible chain reactions (Breaks neighboring destructible objects)
Image 10

Learn more about the upcoming major update from the developer of the game Jadon Barnes:

“I know, I know. It’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update. That’s because I’ve been working since December to bring you many new features! So many in fact, that I couldn’t fit everything in the video.

I’ve been hard at work rewriting the entire game, optimizing systems, and adding new items and mechanics! I appreciate your patience, and I hope you’ll see the wait will be well worth it!

In the meantime, check out to see updates, change-logs, and more! Content will be added to the website as the trailer reveals and the game releases.

Thank you all again for your patience. I want to make sure this thing is stable, performant, and polished to the best of my ability.”

Image 9


You’re a ragdoll! What’s the point of the game? Do what a ragdoll be meant to do and flop, fall, or crash on to things and get points by doing so! Don’t be nervous!

Game Modes

  • SandboxBuild worlds for you and your ragdolls! Choose from a collection of canons, black holes, giant fans, ragdolls (obviously), explosives, lasers, and much more! Best of all those worlds will soon be shareable with friends using!
  • Mini-GamesThey’re basically mini-adventures that you can win and lose from!
  • ExplorerOut of ideas for what to build? Want to dive right in without having to create from scratch? Explorer offers pre-built environments!


Change the look of your ragdoll from an assortment of skins and faces that you can unlock as you progress through the game!

Source: Indie DB

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