To Reign in Hell: a Wretched & Alone game

To Reign in Hell

Released today, my submission to the Wretched & Alone game jam: To Reign in Hell.

To Reign in Hell is a solo TTRPG / Journaling game about fear, lamentation, and loss, but it is also about pride, determination, and hope. You play the last warden of Hell, and you are utterly alone. The seals maintaining the prison are failing, and the malevolent souls of the damned constantly tear at the walls to escape. You have lost everyone who could help you, and whatever purpose you once fulfilled, it has long since been replaced by this lost cause. Though the situation is dire, the outlook bleak, you once fought a war against Heaven itself, so it is not in your nature to submit. You are indeed alone, but you persevere. Doubt, however, can be insidious, and hope is an unreliable ally.

Community copies are available!


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