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Some two years ago, we embarked on a journey to create our first video game : The Dreamwalkers. We wanted to tell a story about a world where dreams can be explored, where Nightmares haunt you. Now, we’ve just reached our first big milestone : the first demo.

Our first demo's title screen

The demo we’re sharing on Steam, as part of this summer Game Festival, is an alpha version of the game. We tried to make it as polished as we could. There is still a lot of work to do until the release in October but we hope that you’ll enjoy this foretaste 😉

To keep the full release fresh, we’ve set the demo in an “alternate reality”. It features different events and an alternate main character. However, we’ve kept the themes, style and presentation consistent to give a comprehensive view of the game without spoiling anything.

Concept arts for Heloïse

Concept arts for Ros, our demo's main characters

Concept arts for Morgan, our main character

Concept arts for Héloïse, Ros and Morgan.

Please note access to the demo will be limited to Steam’s Game Festival ending June the 22nd. Enjoy the demo and please share your thoughts with us either on Steam or Twitter (Facebook and Instagram are also available should you prefer).

Ros in Wistwood (Demo)

Have an excellent festival !

The Nightbloomer team

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