Do you remember a time, perhaps when you were young, where you started a game and you had no idea what was happening. Colors flashed, demons were slain, and your Mom told you to not to play it so much because it was too violent. Little did she know, you were planning to stay up late and play it all night.

Do you miss getting lost in a game?

In the game ODIA, you will absolutely get lost. You’ll fight an army of threatening enemies and navigate winding and deadly locations. The thick, choking fog and the hail of bullets will obscure your vision. Your companions, twisted and grotesque creatures, will fight and die alongside you as you invade the enemy’s homeland.

You’ll also be forced to master a new type of shooter gameplay – a slower, more deliberate paced combat system. Unlike other similar first-person shooters, ODIA is slow and measured. You’ll have to carefully balance charging your Bone-rifle with knowing when to dodge away from strafing machine-gun fire, or when to hoist your shield and deflect the incoming bullets. Knowing when to wait and when to strike is key to defeating your enemies.

ODIA doesn’t want to be beaten. It wants you to get lost.