Shadow of the Wyrm v1.2.0 (sprites) and sprite pack released!

Hi! My name’s Julian Day, and I’m a software developer (and hobbyist game developer) from Manitoba, Canada. Yesterday I released Shadow of the Wyrm v1.2.0, a traditional roguelike and my passion project that I’ve been working on for almost nine years. This release is a big one as it’s the first to have a full spriteset used by default. The sprites are 16×24, 1-bit, and there are more than 600 unique sprites available in-game.

Both the game itself and the spriteset are free to download and MIT-licensed, if you’d like to take a look, or incorporate the sprites into your own project.

The sprites are all white internally, but get coloured by the engine. I was shooting for a feel similar to 8-bit titles like Dragon Warrior 3, though I’ve had others tell me they remind me of the old Ultima games. Here’s part of a screenshot where you’re walking through one of the major cities:

Game and spriteset can be downloaded at:



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