We have recently rleased a demo version of a new kinetic VN My Countless Worlds ~Enchanted Cape~ on Steam for a festival period, but now it is available permanently on ITCH! https://9narrative.itch.io/mcwec

We will be very grateful for your support and subscriptions. And also do not hesitate to throw us tips on the DISCORD SERVER.


  • Top quality artwork
  • Pairings, lots of pairings! Juvenile romance, midlife crisis romance, even some not-exactly-human romance…
  • Costume drama! My Countless Worlds: Enchanted Cape is a perfect fit for those who can’t resist a huge assortment of different clothes!
  • An unexpected turn of story in just a few chapters
  • Fanservice with a twist. Do you enjoy beach episodes where girls in bikinis play around and swim in the sea? Why not find out what it looked like a couple of centuries ago?

Have a nice day!

Source: itch.io