Project Infinite – A sci-fi adventure about cosmic balance and energy crystals.

Cygnus Void here!

We’re proud to announce that our Vertical Slice is now on

This is Project Infinite (currently in devvelopment),  a third-person, single-player exploration adventure set in a rich universe of intertwined stories about an ancient alien race, and the creation and destiny of mankind.

You incarnate a space explorer with the ability to manipulate and balance the power of unstable crystals of energy that will allow you to transform your surroundings in environments that are alive, and respond actively to your use of the energy. Explore majestic alien ruins and withstand the dangers of these godforsaken landscapes to unveil the truth about this alien race and the role your character plays in the bigger scheme of things.

Our team has been solidly working on this project for two years now, with one year spent in developing a solid core and concept for the IP and the past year of work in the game.  

At the moment we are working on the first installment of a new IP for which we have recently finished our second vertical slice. We consider two possible development scenarios, expecting development to take a total of 23-26 months before release.

The demo is a fifteen minute long prototype that shows an overview of what we want to achieve. Players will encounter astonishing AA, next gen graphics and compelling otherworldly environments,  and they ‘ll get a glimpse of the depth and possibilities of our energy-balance mechanics and puzzle solving, also they’ll experience the captivating, intriguing yet moving narrative too.

Any feedback will be appreciated!



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