Hi everyone!

I’m a french game programmer whose hobby is… making more games on my spare time?! That can’t be healthy, but who cares, I have fun doing so. 😉

Last year I made a free metroidvania, and this year I’m getting serious and paying tribute to my favorite series of all time: The Legend of Zelda. I just wanted to make a good old action-adventure game, with an interesting world to explore! I aimed for something halfway between Link’s Awakening and The Minish Cap:

Many traditional items and enemies make an appearance as you explore the overworld and the dungeons. The quest is complete, offering 2 to 3 hours of gameplay. Here’s the pitch:

The people of Falern have a tradition: young adults desirous to leave the island must first complete a wake at the Lunar Temple. But it’s been years since anyone reached the temple, and these days terrible storms plague the ocean. Leaving is not an option. And yet, here comes young Lloyd, dreaming of adventure and itching to follow in the footsteps of his missing parents. Monsters, puzzles and dungeons await!

Except for the public-domain music, I made everything myself. It’s a small scale game, but I’m quite proud of it. There’s a good chance I will keep updating it in the future: answering players’ feedback, adding polish and maybe even new content!

It’s completely free, so I hope you will check it out!

And if you do, please let me know what you thought of it 😉

Legends of Aereven: Lunar Wake (itch.io page)

Source: itch.io