Hello! This is one of my biggest project! (Made on unreal engine 4)



This story is about a family that lived in a big house.

One day you felt that you need to return…

You decided to go back to the house where you lived in with your family, thinking you would meet someone, but as expected nobody was here…

You came to this house to reveal a mysterious death of your mother Anna, all these years nobody told you how she died! It is time to find out and reach the top room where no one allowed you to go in – there may you find out this mystery.

FULL GAME – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT3GctcuvVc&t=22s

You might find some secrets in the game<

Game duration: About 1h, if you are not rushing!


Link to the game > https://electrovoltgameproduction.itch.io/brokenpast

Source: itch.io