A first playable introduction to Roller Drama is now available in the Steam Game Festival, and we will show you how we will evolve it to a full demo and then to the complete game.

Roller Drama is a strategy and interactive narrative sport game on Roller Derby, a roller-skating full-contact sport.


In Roller Drama, you are the mentor and coach of a Roller Derby women’s team of five. You have to live coach during matches (real-time gameplay) and help the young women through their lives in a surveillance and propaganda based society.


You have to:

  • live coach during matches, real-time gameplay;
  • try to be a spiritual, existential guide for this problematic team in their life between matches;
  • deal with psychological hurdles using the “Battle Go”, turn-based battle on a chess-like board, playing as one of the girls in turn.

Daily life in the game’s world is not easy; political and environmental problems interfere with complex personal lives.
The game’s universe is a slightly altered perspective on today’s world, with the same problems but… more explicit. It’s a dystopia that talks about our present (thank you Terry Gilliam).

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The playable introduction is not a full demo, in particular, the Roller Derby match part is just a very first draft: there are no real special strategic moves (“cards”), the A.I. of the blockers and of the opposing jammer is almost empty, and the physics model is very very rough.
For the narrative part, there is the introduction to the story and setting, but after that the “quest based” universe and storyis not available.

We are looking for a publisher for the game. A detailed pitch and budget with timing are available, we’ll be happy to present them on request, write to [email protected].

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