Hello everyone!
I created this game … because I had nothing to do.
The release date of this game, however, is not chosen at random because today is my fourteenth birthday! I hope you like this game as it has a very interesting game mechanic, in my opinion, that is the use of the microphone which, through the analyzer, obtains the “power” of the sound emitted and, consequently, the rocket fires a shot. The goal is to destroy as many ships as possible and increase your best score!

You can play Shout to Shoot directly from your browser!

Short description:

Shout to shoot and break the ships! Earn points every time you break a ship but … Attention! Dodge the ships or you will lose a life, and when you have lost all, the game will end. Challenge your friends and reach the highest score!

You can play Shout to Shoot here!

Source: itch.io