GO AWAY! is an endless runner where you as the Purple Dude have to run away from different bosses who are chasing you for no apparent reason!

It currently has:

-2 bosses that try to throw you off the cliffs or slow you down

-Speed modifier consumables (Red Syrange slows you down, Blue Syrange is speed boost)

-Randomly generated (kinda) levels

-Double Jump

-And your best friend, the Hook!

You can play it here:


This is the alpha version so it’s missing some features that will be added soon.

Some of the features that will be added soon:


-Main Menu

-Ability to kill bosses and move on to the next level by collecting enough coins

-More consumables

-Prettier art

Please leave a comment or contact me if you face any weird bugs or have any suggestions.

Source: itch.io