Hey everyone!

We just launched a demo* for our new game, Kaleidocraft, a sandbox art creation game set in a futuristic utopian universe where exposure is valuable for an artist: https://valiant-game-studio.itch.io/kaleidocraft-demo

Craft kaleidoscopes, mandalas and more in a utopian universe that truly welcomes your creativity. Share your art on a wholesome social media and be rewarded instantly with love, followers, new shapes, color palettes and decorations for your holographic room. Enjoy your exposure, for realz!

We will be streaming throughout the week during Steam Games Festival and make the stream available on our YouTube channel as well!  Here are a few screenshots:

Thank you so very kindly for having us here, you amazing community of people!

Laura & Anna

 * by Demo we mean, it has Everything! Just a cap on the art you can store in gallery, which is 10.  We will most likely update this project to full In Dev!

Source: itch.io