Hello Master Illuminators,

Over the weekend, we took part in two big events – the PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show. It was rollercoaster of nerves, emotions, and happiness. For those of you who couldn’t be with us on these shows, don’t worry we have the big reveal right here! Ladies and gentlemen say hello to our latest addition. Here is the fiery, and a little gassy, Bonnacon!

It seems that Bonnacon is a bit of a red-hot creature, and sometimes emotions can get the better of him. But you have to admit, he knows how to make a strong entrance to a party. And for those of you who are worried about Sir Robin – no one got hurt while filming this material. Now, the Bonnacon is not something we came up with ourselves – oh no! The Bonnacon was already known in medieval times, and the Aberdeen Bestiary has described it like this:
“In Asia an animal is found which men call bonnacon. It has the head of a bull, and thereafter its whole body is of the size of a bull’s with the maned neck of a horse. Its horns are convoluted, curling back on themselves in such a way that if anyone comes up against it, he is not harmed. But the protection which its forehead denies this monster is furnished by its bowels. For when it turns to flee, it discharges fumes from the excrement of its belly over a distance of three acres, the heat of which sets fire to anything it touches. In this way, it drives off its pursuers with its harmful excrement. “

Reference: Abdn.ac.uk

We have also been featured on Future Games Show “Future Hits” montage – nice! It was a great honor to be part of this line-up. You can watch the montage below:

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Until next time,

Unharmed Sir Robin, our new star – Bonnacon, and Yaza Games Team

P.S. We only have 9 of our Doggo Hoods left!!!

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