Fantasy is the realm of choice for more Asset Store users than any other theme, so we’re excited to celebrate worlds of myth and imagination. Whether you’re building the next Skyrim, an old-school pixel-art dungeon crawler, a slick indie game, or a massive multiplayer saga, fantasy assets from the Asset Store can help you complete your quest faster.

Many developers use Asset Store world-building tools and art to prototype gameplay before seeking funding or finalizing visuals for a project. We’ve created a curated series of one-and-done themed bundles to give you high-quality, affordable content to build and test your project now, then replace it later with more detailed art. Including first-rate art assets in your prototype can even help you build community buzz and get your project funded faster.

Fantasy Mega Bundle

Now through June 30th, we’re featuring up to 90% savings on a collection of high-quality fantasy tools and art in the low-poly style. Whether you’re new to creating games or a seasoned developer, these bundles boost your library of game-ready content for any future projects. Check out some of the assets below, and see the full bundle and purchasing details here.

Creating a unique and imaginative world that transports players is essential to building fantasy games. That’s why we love Polaris 2, a low-poly terrain creation tool that helps you build vast 3D environments to frame adventures. 

The next step? Populate those worlds with richly detailed Medieval castles, feudal villages, and fierce fortresses with art from Fantasy Village Pack and Low Poly Medieval Castle Pack.

From there, it’s time to put some characters in your game with two packs from fan favorite low-poly art publishers Synty Studios: POLYGON – Fantasy Characters and POLYGON – Knights Pack. Bring the world to life with Low Poly Animated Animals by publisher Polyperfect, then use the popular Emerald AI pack to help you drive AI-powered animations for creating believable NPCs and enemy mobs. 

No project is complete without immersive sound effects and a strong user interface. The Fantasy Mega Bundle includes thousands of sounds and UI elements, with packages including Interface and Item Sounds, Fantasy Game (sound effects), Simple Fantasy UI, and 2000 Fantasy Icons.

Get all of the above and much more for one low price, to save as much as 90% on each asset in the bundle.

Go to the Fantasy Mega Bundle

Finally, fantasy for everyone

No matter what kind of fantasy-themed project you’re working on, we’ve got something to save you time and keep your project moving to the next level. Keen for more? We’ve got thousands of fantasy-themed assets, plus tools and world-building systems to help them shine. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature

No fantasy game would be complete without immersive environments, and these packs have you covered:

What kind of dungeon crawler game doesn’t have a dungeon

Fill your fantasy game with heroes, villains, and mobs of monsters:

Every quest deserves a soundtrack as epic as the action. Check out these music packs that help set the tone for your fantasy experience:

Finally, for those who want the tools to create an all-in fantasy world in one fell swoop, prepare thyself: the epic POLYGON – Fantasy Kingdom pack from Synty Studios features over 2000 detailed prefabs. 

Source: Unity Technologies Blog