“ORBDASH” Is Available for Free.

Dear gamers and testers

APEX PHOENIX ENTERTAINMENT is honored to introduce to you its new game, “ORBDASH”.

We decided to let every gamer on itch io and other markets have access to our game, “ORBDASH”, with no charge at all. ORBDASH runs along the line of Racer/Platformer games with lovely challenges and various types of items/obstacles throughout an unstoppable journey, which offers you a new sense of joy and excitement. You can download and play it for free now, although a small donation is warmly welcomed if any user would like to give us a little support and encouragement for the hard effort behind the next upcoming projects.

Please drop us comments to share opinions and let us know your thoughts and feedback regarding our game. We also appreciate it if you please follow our page, APEX PHOENIX ENTERTAINMENT, on itch io. Thank you

Hi, I’m PhoneticLight

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