Though the road might have been bumpy, it was fulfilling and incredible at every step of the way. And now, It’s here, ready to be tasted, tested and of course in due time, improved upon. The demo is out right now, and you can download it for free! And we cannot be more excited for you all to try it.

Dark Fracture Pre-Alpha Demo

It’s taken quite a bit of work to get here and we are elated to finally uncover the demo and let it loose upon the world. So go, have fun, enjoy the first taste of the world we have created. Take time to really soak in the horrors that are in store for you all. To delight in and be frightened by. And know that there is much more to come. And that your feedback and comments would help bring about an even more frightening experience in the future!

And as always, stay tuned for future updates and articles from us. About what’s to come and about our creative process. There is much horror to discover yet and we would share it all with you in due time.

(Trailer contains potential spoilers)


No teasing this time. The demo is finally out and available right now! Go ahead and enjoy it.

Source: Indie DB