Phonequest is a game about making friends online.

You’re Sam and you’re wasting time on the Internet, home alone. Suddenly, you receive a strange prank call, and a minute later you’ve already got yourself in a pretty big turmoil, involving aliens invading Earth. Get your negotiation skills ready and prepare for a wild intergalactic ride.

Phonequest takes inspiration from Homestuck and super old point & click adventure games I found on CD disk when I was cleaning my basement room. People also found it similar to Emily’s Away and Undertale, but I don’t know if they are right as I’ve not played these games thoroughly. Play Phonequest yourself and then tell me!


There’s only one screenshot actually.


  • It’s completely free of charge
  • Has some cool animations
  • And great original soundtrack
  • Neat sound effects
  • Absolutely insane plot that doesn’t make any sense. Or it does?
  • Also interesting artstyle and retro aesthetics, both made primarily in Paint
  • Maybe you’ll also enjoy my writing, but I can’t guarantee it
  • Hmmm… I guess I’ve run out of reasons to play this game…
  • Oh, wait! I almost forgot to mention the most important thing!
  • You can be cyberbullied by a duck.