Hi Everyone!

This is our first online game jam! We are proud to share “The Botainst” with you. Feedbacks are so important for us. Please let us know about the bugs/suggestions/critics. So if you wish to send feedback please follow the link below. Hope you enjoy! See you soon ^^

Link: https://129rpm.itch.io/the-botanist


“Our planet is dying, I’m the one from several colonists. We sent different location as far as we can reach in our galaxy. I landed on planet KP0268, found out that the plants on this land can provide oxygen to breath and this is the glimpse of hope that we need. Before i send a signal to my people, i need to provide enough oxygen for them. Right now I’m in this Shelter but soon it will be my home.”

Source: itch.io

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Hi, I’m PhoneticLight

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