Hello everybody!

I’m so happy to announce a new addition to the collection: Minifantasy – Forgotten Plains! 🙂 

 It is a completely new overworld tileset that will allow our brave tiny heroes to explore new wonderful lands. 

The original idea for this tileset started being a meadow/fields tileset, but it organically evolved into something more mysterious. I began to feel a peaceful and lonely vibes while making these graphics, something like this land actually was a very far away place with untold stories of unknown civilizations. Then, the elevations/hills I was originally making slowly changed into a short of forgotten builds covered by the grass and plants of an endless sunny plain. The rest of the architectural vestiges included in the pack just found their own place naturally.

I like to think that this pack will transport you and your players to a sunny and quiet place, full of mysteries (and perhaps dangers), on the beginning of a warm summer. 

Will you join me in this adventure?

The pack has over 110 tiles + decoration sprites. It also includes water tile animations. Create rich, and colorful levels with this unique asset pack.

If you buy this asset pack in a bundle together with Minifantasy – Creatures get both of them for $5.98 $4.99. And if you already own Minifantasy – Creatures get during june a special 35% discount on Minifantasy – Forgotten Plains, get it for $2.99 $1.94. Also, if we achieve the goal of $100 in earnings during this boundle promotion I will add 15+ new tiles to Minifantasy – Forgotten Plains! 😀

See you soon guys!

Source: itch.io