Imagine a rainbow Ring with nice things running all over in it. It’s full of cuteness, except that there should only be one when the rain stops reflecting the sunlight. A bit like when the cops charge at gay pride, the color gives way to the horror … and you can then smell the scent of death, wet of course like it just rained. It’s kind of a Royal Rumble of the Nice things, the last one that survives, survives, and the others …

Note that these nice things eat so much corn that they poop popcorn in each square when they leave. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the show, it is so GMO the corn that when there is too much concentration on a small surface, well it poops the Bad thing!

It’s a fast  pace tactical game, with no luck factor this time. A survival Royal Rumble, where your little cutie will have to be the last survivor facing tremendous monsters.

But the question is, your cutie is a Dino ? or an Unicorn ? Which Side are you on ?

To have that game for free :

1/ Link to the Beta 0.4 (PnP material to play)

2/ Link to the new rules

If you want to back the game : Link to the 1€PnP on Kickstarter

Brutal Tender Alpha (not final design) on Tabletop Simulator

here the atmosphere: