Hey everyone! I’m a solo developer working on a Wii tanks-like remake/remix. If you don’t remember that classic, toy tanks is primarily a physics based game. What that means is everything revolves around the physics system. When you move, shoot, get shot, or jump all of these actions can tie into one another to create interesting movement options. For instance, each tank has a different projectile, some have more knock back then others, and a player who know how to take advantage of their shots knock back can move around the map much more effectively then players who don’t. Another thing to consider is the tanks, each tank has over 15 stats that make them completely unique to play and fight against. Everything from jump height, to lateral drag, to projectile size, to acceleration, to max speed… so on and so forth. Each tank also has a special ability, this could be anything from dropping a mine that explodes when an enemy gets within range, to a jet pack that allows for movement in the air. Now what do I mean by competitive, well for one there is no randomness in this game, unless you want there to be… but by default, no randomness. Another thing that plays into the competitiveness of this game is the amount of control the player has over their tank. It’s a lot, you can change the pitch of your tank in the air. And you also have the option to choose a tank that has a very heigh rotation speed to allow for very “sticky” movement. 

Here’s the link for anyone who wants to give it a download: https://rodney-luck.itch.io/toy-tank-demo

Source: itch.io

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