hi all, I made a small game about building spaceships and doing missions with them, and I’d love to get some feedback so if you have the time, please check it out! > https://beauke.itch.io/droneboi 

Thanks! 😀


Some in-game screenshots:

Game description:

A space drone-themed vehicle building game I made, includes sandbox mode and a few challenges. It’s in beta so some bugs may be present (I think I fixed most of them now). Have fun 😀

Build your own custom space drones from a variety of parts, including thrusting, weapons & interesting gizmos.

Control your boi through the galaxy while completing missions and unlocking more parts to upgrade your vehicles.

Fight other players & NPC’s for their loot and defend your base against raids.

Note: These will be the main features upon game release, some of them may have yet to been implemented.

Source: itch.io

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