The most intriguing mermaid puzzle game. Ben fell in love with beautiful Mermaid princess Ryn. But her father was furious when he found out their relationship. And he dispatched monsters to lock Ryn into a sea castle and forbidden anyone to visit her and cursed a magic on the maze in front of the castle. Obviously Ben won’t stay silence about this unfair treatment. He is going to take risks and fight the sea monsters, go pass traps to rescue his lover whatsoever!

1. High quality 3D graphic map with eye-catching battle effects;
2. Relaxing gameplay with interesting maze;
3. So many mermaid characters floating in the bubble rewards;
4. Lovely background storyline;
5. Simple one-finger-tapping gameplay;
6. Intriguing maze designs for your amazing adventures;

Download the free game now! Be the hero to save your mermaid princess right now!

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