The Small World v.01 Is Out!!! So, I made this little 3D Minecraft styled video game  in 3 days and put a lot of effort into it! In this game, you can pick up blocks just by clicking them and then place them by clicking again. There are 18 blocks In total, And it is not complete. I will probably add a Creative mode to the game! But there is a secret entity in the game…  

It is called, THE HAUNT. It will probably stalk and do exactly what it’s named after, HAUNT YOU. When I made this game, I was going to give the player health, but…That didn’t work out how I expected. Anyways, It is about 12 or 13 MB and is Version V.01.

Also, if you have any suggestions that may improve the game, Put them in the chat. Have Fun!

Link: HERE


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