Crystal Story: The Hero and the Evil Witch

Hello! I have just released my game on!

An evil witch has stolen the Crystal of Power. It’s up to one brave hero to save the world… by hiring four mercenaries to do the job for him. Play as the members of Mercenary Inc as you explore randomly generated dungeons, battle fierce monsters, befriend a vibrant cast of characters, and collect loot in this 2.5D dungeon crawler/turn-based RPG.

  • Experience classic turn-based RPG gameplay with 4 diverse characters.
    – Explore Evil Cave and other distinct locations on the world map.
    – Play as the cast of Mercenary Inc as they go along their lighthearted adventure.
    – Battle a variety of dangerous monsters and collect loot to help you on your journey.
    – Tweak your party’s specialization and formulate strategies as you take on stronger foes.
    – Experiment with the dynamic leveling system and equippable abilities for your party.
    – Craft all new items and reforge new equipment to help strengthen your team.



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