Alpha Duo Roleplaying: Basic Rules

Alpha Duo Roleplaying: Basic Rules gives you all the tools you need to roleplay in multiple genres—in less than 10 pages!

This short, no-nonsense document lays out enough rules to support your beloved roleplaying adventures from any genre using a single, unified system that you can learn in one sitting. Use it for space pirates, classic fantasy, cyberpunk, or any other genre; if it’s a story of adventure for a handful of protagonists, Alpha Duo has you covered!

Why choose Alpha Duo Roleplaying: Basic Rules over other systems?

  • Handles adventure stories in any genre
  • Easy to learn, but still robust and flexible
  • Doesn’t assume combat as the primary form of conflict
  • Less accounting and bookkeeping than mainstream titles
  • Choose your own complexity level—even in the middle of gameplay!
  • It’s free!

So download the file, grab some dice, and start your own customized adventure with your friends!

COMING SOON: Keep an eye out for Alpha Duo: Fantasy, an expansion of the Basic Rules tailored specifically for fantasy roleplaying, with a custom skill list, guidelines for magic, beautiful illustrations, and more!


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