Wheely World: Pay what you want

Hi everyone.

Wheely World has been on itch for a while now and when we launched we decided to go with a lite / paid model to match releases on other stores.

We were really keen to use itch’s pay what you want system but were a bit unsure if it would seem unfair to users of other stores.

We have decided to just follow our hearts here and swap Wheely World over to the pay what you want model after seeing how generous people were by paying (and in some cases more than we asked) even when we were running a free promotion.

Hopefully this will allow more people to experience the full product.

Choose your favorite world, customize your ride and go for High Scores in Endless Runner Mode, or Manage the Mayhem and Race to Victory in Royale Mode, the choice is yours!

The aim is to complete the challenges, earn stars and unlock new worlds and vehicles. Skillful use of power-ups will help you take down your opponents, all while racing over, under and around the ever changing scenery.

You’ll never have the same run twice. Welcome to Wheely World!


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