Winter's Trumpet

Winter’s Trumpet is a short interactive story (point and click format) set just a year before the events of my previous (free) game, Asher. Tetrine Reish is staying at a boarding house when the Tarsian flu epidemic sweeps across the continent. She finds herself quarantined, stealing secret moments with her suitor, Marcus, while her sociable roommate, Rosemary, is going out her mind with boredom. Rosemary disapproves of the mysterious Marcus. For one, he is always encouraging the flagrant disregard of quarantine… then again, ‘Marcus’ may have a secret or two of his own.

Meanwhile, the immortal demoness, Kalevel Venhera, is looking for someone that possesses a special Sight, a sort of magic-user called a scrivener, and after centuries she thinks she’s found one… only, things don’t turn out the way she expects…

Available now here.