Suburban DLC

This update introduces the first content pack, Suburban, available right now and for free!
In total it contains over 30 new decorations including buildings, passengers, vehicles and animals. Available now on Xbox One and Steam!


Players with weaker PCs or very large worlds should see some nice performance improvements. As part of this, MANY decorations have had major (hopefully invisible) reworks so if you notice anything odd about existing decorations please let me know! There are also several new tools in the options menu to improve performance even more.


There are now 10 Steam achievements to earn, with perhaps more coming in future updates.



You can now hold Shift to move faster in build mode, very useful for big creations.
If you have previously made changes to key bindings you might need to open the Controls menu and manually assign Sprint to a key of your choice.


Passenger changes

The “Single” and “Group” system for passengers in the toy box has been replaced.
There is now one option per passenger style. Placing a passenger with a key press will put down one just like the “Single” used to, and holding the key will quickly place up to 30 passengers in a circle.

New menu options

  • Tutorial toggle The tutorial will no longer automatically appear when this is off
  • Save game reminder toggle Hides the “Time since last save: ” pop-up
  • Motion blur toggle Removes the motion blur effect for people who don’t like it
  • View distance scale An option to change how quickly objects will reduce in quality/disappear at a distance. Decrease it to improve performance or increase it for a better view
  • Simple materials Replaces certain materials (like the snow effect and landscape textures) with simpler alternatives. The difference is subtle but it can improve performance quite a bit.


  • Improved train physics so speed affects how far you can jump
  • Bug fixes
  • Several existing decorations have been upgraded to support recolouring
  • Expanded the floor in Clear (Night) to be the same size as Clear
  • Specular highlights now become more diffuse in heavy fog
  • Emergency vehicles now cycle through lighting states when clicked, instead of being all on/all off

Tracks: Sci-Fi Pack Arriving in June

That’s not all. In June, we’ll be launching the Sci-Fi Pack for Xbox One and Steam, featuring 30+ new items and a new train type.

Look to the stars and take your train set further than ever before with new buildings, passengers, vehicles and a rocket train. Why not create an uncharted world with the new space rover, UFO, asteroid and alien? Perhaps take a giant leap for mankind with the new moon base, flag, craters and moon lander?


This pack will be priced at approximately $3.99/£2.99. Add it to your Steam wishlist:

Source: Indie DB