Hi all!

My name is Adrian and Resurrection of Soul Drain is my first game released to the public, the other games were made just to learn how to program in Gamemaker Studio 1.4 and those were never finished.
I been working on this game in my free time and I hope everyone can enjoy it! You can download for free here. I will love to read your feedback!.

Link: https://adros117.itch.io/resurrection-of-soul-drain

Game Description:

This is an action 2D platformer where you have to collect some items to access into new areas, every item brings you a new power too. The game includes an area to save your progress, restore your HP and buy items, some of the items will be unlocked when you make progress in your adventure. Also you can level up your character to increase the attack power and life.

I think is important to let the player customise the controls so I added the option to configure your controls and gamepad (only xinput gamepad are supported):

There are some signals in the game that add some information. When the yellow exclamation symbol appears it indicates that in the signal is a little explication of the controls, like this pìcture:

Thank you!

Source: itch.io