In an ongoing partnership with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators, select content is available for free to the Unreal community each month, giving artists, designers, and programmers access to additional resources at no extra cost.Get ready for a blast from the past, because the first round of content from the launch of the free Marketplace content initiative has returned, complete with a bonus product from each of the original contributors! 

Whether you missed them back in 2018, or are looking for an extra treat, there’s something for you. Grab them now!

June’s featured free content:


Emphasize your character’s actions with effects—perfect for elemental spells, heals, and melee attacks!

Add even more intensity to your characters’ abilities with this collection of over 35 effects, including trails, shots, auras, and more!
Send your audience into a large 64 km2 open terrain with custom plug-and-play functions.
Venture into vast, mountainous landscapes with snow-capped peaks featuring semi-dynamic clouds and shadows.
Take flight with this high-quality desert dragon, which includes 30 animations and 4K textures.
Add a little moo-vement to your farms and fields with this collection of animals—each with its own texture variations and animations!
With over 300 unique assets, this city pack is bursting with elements to bring the hustle and bustle to your projects.
Set down some roots and start rocking the suburbs with an expansive modular house system and hundreds of stylized props and environment assets.
Construct scenic destinations or build up an entire fantasy town with this mobile-ready environment collection.
Conduct experiments in level design with over 400 laboratory-related assets that come with interactive Blueprints.

New permanently free content:


Edit and create 2D textures directly in Unreal and maximize your toolkit with a powerful Blueprint-based brush-creation system.


Create levels faster and easier with bulk duplication, grid placement, alignment, and other tools included with the level design assistant!

Grab the monthly content before it’s gone, then check back for more free content the first week of July!

Are you a Marketplace creator interested in sharing your content for free with the community? Visit to learn how you could be featured!

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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