We are happy to announced that our imaginative puzzle platform adventure title Ever Forward has been released as a free demo, and it is scheduled for launch this summer on PC.

In Ever Forward players impersonate Maya; a twelve-year-old girl lost on the edge of dreams and reality.

As you unveil the mysteries of her subconscious, you will unlock her memories step-by-step and progressively face her fears and sorrows.

By facing challenging puzzles and exploring breathtaking environments, you will slowly reveal the secrets buried in Maya’s heart.

The Ever Forward demo will let fans experience nearly 40% of the entire game content, challenging them with eight intricately designed puzzles. At the same time, players will be able to immerse themselves with the game’s dual environments and dive into the main characters (Maya) memories and secrets.

Note that the saving file will be inherited in the full release version


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Source: itch.io