Hey everyone,

I’m working on my first game, and I released a small demo/prototype of what the game will be at its core. It is “A clicker game with a minimalistic theme.” and is the first project that I want to put most if not all of my effort into. It’s called:

Below is a short introductory story for the game:

You find a mysterious box on your doorstep.  No return address, no shipping label. Just a white box. You take the package inside your house. Grabbing your trusty box cutter, you cut the neatly aligned tape and open it. Suddenly, a bright white light surrounds you and transports you into The Void.

To find out more about this project, if it interests you, to receive further updates via Devlogs and to download the prototype and try it out for you self, click right here to be transported to the itch.io page!

Thanks for reading!


Source: itch.io