After a month of work and testing, I’ve released my gm-less, one-page, no-prep RPG on!

It’s called Hold your Own and you play a bunch of kids facing of against a terrible menace. You play during a time not unlike the one the players grew up and you take turns directing a scene. Together you will encounter the menace and will find out more about it as you approach the final confrontation.

If you like stories like IT or STRANGER THINGS you will be right at home here. Themes are coming-of-age and identity, community and belonging and sacrifice. I speak a bit more about my thoughts behind the game in this devlog.

It’s FREE, hopefully easy to read and fun to play.

There’s no GM/DM required as players take turns setting up scene and narrating the wider world. All the rules fit on a single page and there’s not much required in terms of book keeping or accessories. You can make do with two different colors of D6 and a note card for your character.

And this is what it looks like:

Any thoughts and feedback are appreciated!