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Clouzy! is a farm game for PC, where, in a cozy and safe environment, you raise clouds in your own floating island to fill the world with positives emotions.

Link: https://tinymoonteam.itch.io/clouzy


This is the story of a farmer who, after the death of her husband, is entrusted with the mission of distributing happiness in the world from a floating island thousands of meters above the earth. For this she has the help of her garden and a small factory of clouds.

As the game continues, different people will contact her, who, after listening to their stories, should get down to work with the creation of clouds and the collection of food, both for the care of the clouds and the maintenance of the orchard, always taking into account the needs of the person.

Once the cloud is ready, it will be sent to its new owner, who can reward our farmer with different decorative elements, and in the process you may unlock memories of the past.

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