Hello everyone!

My name’s Renan Rodrigues, I’m the game designer and developer from Supernova Games, a small anime game developer company (we’re only two people) from Brazil.

In this small experience (Graciel’s Guide to Human Love) we’ve prepared for you guys we introduce and show a little bit of our two characters: Fertiliel and her best friend Graciel, who claims she’s a “specialist in humans”. Is she really? (I don’t think so, haha).

Please try it here:

We are developing a full game with these characters: Fertiliel – Cupid Simulator. This story’s not a demo of the full game, more like a proof of concept we want to see if you guys like the characters and kind of humor we’re putting in the game.

Please let us know what you think! Do you like the characters? The art, music? Tell us so we can make the best cupid simulator.

And if you like it, please follow us so you get notified for when we post the full Cupid Simulator game experience 🙂

Thanks a ton! Kisses and hugs 😀

Source: itch.io