Hello guys, 

Let me introduce my self, I’m JonathanB, indie game developper, and I would like to present you my name game, Inexistence Rebirth.


Inexistence Rebirth is a Metroidvania type game, with a lot of RPG components.
The game is inspired by classics the video game era by its pixel art style, but brings a lot of new features in terms of rendering and experience.
It’s a remake of Inexistence, released on PC 4 years ago on Steam, and having been played by more than 90,000 players around the world


Hald and his sister, Hania, were chosen by the gods to be “Keepers”.

Their shared duty is to maintain order and balance in the world; but peace was not something everyone desired.
Claos, a man filled with dark purpose, decides to plunge Hania in a deep slumber and break the balance.
Hald begins his quest to find Claos and break the spell – throwing him into a vast world full of mystery and danger…

Rediscover this great Metroidvania game in an brand new version, with new features and improvements!
Explore a vast world full of mysteries and action in this game inspired by the classics of the 16-bit era.


Where I can find the damn game?!

Here, on Itch.io! 


Hope you will enjoy, don’t hesitate to spread the word, and give me your oppinion about the game! 

Thanks 🙂 

Source: itch.io