Hi, I’ve just released a short game that was inspired by classic DOS Platformers like Commander Keen, Dangerous Dave, Monster Bash etc.
Game was done for #RNDGAME2020 Game Jam!

Itch.io page

Game features online highscores but they won’t work if you play the game from Itch.io – either download the client or play it at alternative source.


It is another night in a peaceful neighborhood and as usual, Kevin is pouting at his parents in a protest because he doesn’t want to go to bed yet. Parents, having enough of the rebellious kid goes: “You know Kevin, kids who are not asleep before midnight are taken away by scary creatures. They prey out of the closet for the rule-breakers so they can take them to their world of Tickledome.” Kevin is finally in his bed, hugging his baseball ball to keep him safe while trying hard to fall asleep when… <BAM…BAM…BAM…> The old clock in the kitchen starts banging midnight!


Help Kevin get out of the Tickledome kingdom but watch for your steps because world you are in is full of traps and monsters. While at it, try to get as high Candy Score as possible and compete with other players for the TOP 10 highscores!

Let me know what you think, I would be more than happy to hear your comments šŸ™‚

Source: itch.io