Today is the day!

Minimal Move launches into early access

for PC on Steam starting from today!

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We are so excited about this release and we are curious what people say about this game.

The production is still continuing.

Before you buy this early access version (if you are willing to do so… we hope!) , we have to mention that this is an early access version which means it’s not finished yet completely.

We did this early access for making better game with people’s feedback.

We need to know your opinion, both good and bad.

Please give us your feedback by Discord, DM through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or simply email us!

The final version of Minimal Move will be launched on PC later this year.

We hope you enjoy Minimal Move!

Steam page is from here!

steam logo

You can watch the new Early Access trailer from here!

The current Early Access version will offer the first 3 worlds with the core gameplay mechanic. New contents will be added during the early access such as cinematics, skin system, and new puzzles.

Key feature:

  • COOPERATE WITH OR WITHOUT: Minimal Move is playable in solo or in cooperative mode. We highly recommend playing with two!
  • BE A PART OF AN ADVENTUROUS STORY!: Minimal Move is a story driven puzzle game that takes place in a wonder science fiction world.
  • EXPLORE DIFFERENT WORLD!: Each world will have different types of blocks for playing the puzzle in new ways.
  • MEET FUN AND DANGEROUS CHARACTERS!: In addition to the main characters Kaiten and Ido, there will be funny but maybe dangerous monsters and robots coming your way!
  • SMASH EACH OTHER: Ido and Kaiten can smash each other! Be careful and enjoy smashing! But don’t hate each other!
  • MINIMAL MOVE TO GET STARS!: New scoring system is adding the puzzle more challenging! Get 3 stars with your minimal move!

Source: Indie DB