Hey all,

Just wanted to annouce the newly updated and final version of my game jam entry for the First Person Horror Jam. I enjoyed making this so much I decided to take on everyone’s thoughts and give it an update (plus it gave me a chance to improve on the polish a quickly made jam game) – this being the final one. So for those who have played it, you get a more balanced experience to in some people’s cases beat it or those who haven’t to enjoy a little slice of horror for the day.

For those who haven’t played it..

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a first person horror game inspired heavily by that of Amnesia, explore the depths of this dungeon, find keys and solve the puzzle to help grant you freedom… Beware however, a ghoul roams it’s stone chambers hell bent on keeping you forever trapped.

Enlightenment is perhaps at most a 5-10 minute experience, purely designed to be as atmospheric and creepy as possible. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

What the final update does…

The final update fixes and adds…

  • Fix: AI behaviour of not losing the player when behind doors
  • Fix: Hearing functionality is fully implemented now
  • Fix: Monster can now enter doorways if left open
  • Add: Prisoners can now be heard behind doors
  • Fix: Updated the super secret ending to make it more accessible! Still waiting to see it’s glory in video form 😀 Get hunting.

Also big thanks for those who have all played it so far, I hope the new update improves the experience.

Side-note: To those who play it, I would love to hear from you.. Leave me a comment on the main page… I would love to hear your feedback as well as if you would like to see this explored into a bigger project. 


The path to enlightenment could be yours.. You just need to unlock it…

Source: itch.io