With the goal of providing as much information as possible for indie game players and developers, I’ve update the categories and tags here among other minor QoL (Quality of Life) tweaks. Naturally, this includes the swanky theme I’ve decided to use for now. Crisp and professional, without getting in the way, right?

Also, I’ve added posts that will be coming from three of the biggest game engines in use right now: Godot, Unity3d, and Unreal Engine 4. Hopefully these posts will prove useful as aspiring developers learn more about these engines.

I’m also planning to finally commit to a wiki scheme. My main concern is whether I should use a full wiki installation or integrate something into WordPress. While I know this is a more “behind the scenes” kind of topic, I do feel it is important enough to ask for any input from those that are so inclined.

And on that note, if you want to chat, I have stood up a discord server! This would be a lovely opportunity to get to know you and receive direct feedback. It also will help in developing this site into something that specifically serves the needs of viewers.