“We’re extremely proud of what the team has built so far and are eager to continue the development of the game. Launching in Early Access means it’ll provide us with enough financial stability to keep developing Cepheus Protocol. Most importantly, this also means that we can get feedback and suggestions from players so that we can improve the game and get it to its final and optimal state.” “We plan to be in Early Access for 1 year with a target release date of Q2 2021.” “The final version will include a Campaign mode, additional weapon types, enemies, and more. In addition, Early Access will allow us to polish the game further including higher quality textures and world-building.” “You’ll build bases, recruit new soldiers, and send teams out in the field to battle the growing virus, all the while hunting down Patient Zero is the primary goal of the CERC(You). With replayability and challenging gameplay at its core, players must be mindful of the environment and the changing nature of the battlefield. Each soldier’s loss is a man not easily replaced. You’ll have to use all the tools in your arsenal to research the plague and seek out Patient Zero, whose mastery over the virus grows with each victim she infects. Stopping her is paramount, or a city of millions could be lost.”

“We plan to gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features.” “Communication with our community is our top priority – it’s one of the main reasons why we wanted to launch in Early Access. We want to talk to you and hear your questions, concerns, suggestions, and feedback. You can reach out to us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), on Steam, and by email at [email protected].”

Source: Indie DB