Ascent is a simple game that was born out of my want to actually finish a project. I picked up Unity around 2 weeks ago and have been eagerly making projects that had no hope of actually finishing. The scope was too big and my plans too ambitious, so I started brainstorming about a simple game that completing was feasible. I got the idea of a platformer in which you climb up a mountain, which allows for clear progress tracking and also a constant threat of falling to the platforms below.

So I began developing Ascent and playing with different ways of lighting the game and character designs. Eventually the game started to come together, and I’m very proud of the final product. If you have the time, feel free to try the game out. It’s pretty short, probably only taking an hour tops though it can be completed a lot sooner if you don’t mess up.

Also, this is what I’d call my first completed game, so If you have any recommendations or run into any issues please tell me and I will be quick to act! Thanks so much, and happy hopping!