Hello! The Zero-Budget Game Marketing Manual – a resource for indie developers offering Brand, PR and community strategies on a shoestring – is available now on itch.io, and you can download a Lite version for free today.

From the description: 

So you’ve made a game – a great game! – but nobody has bought it. Nobody is talking about it. Nobody knows it exists 🙁

Your problem is one shared with almost every indie developer out there: a lack of awareness. 

How do you get attention in a saturated market? How do you communicate what makes your game unique through your marketing assets? How do you create a community and build channels to support it? How do you reach the games media and get influencers playing your game? 

How do you sell more copies of your game without having to spend money yourself?

This comprehensive manual – and accompanying materials – shows you how to get your game the attention it deserves with practical, actionable advice, accumulated over twelve years of AAA and indie game marketing experience, with expert advice from industry veterans and game journalists, including Hannah Flynn (Failbetter Games), Thomas Reisenegger (Future Friends Games), Wesley Yin-Poole (Eurogamer), Gav Murphy (RKG) amongst others. 


Pay what you want for a Lite PDF version of the eBook, which includes 5 of the 9 chapters in the book, including: Introduction, Marketing Basics, Studio Branding and Product Positioning. 

Or, for $6.99 / £6.99 you’ll get the full nine chapter eBook (EPUB + MOBI formats, fully optimised for all eReaders) + accompanying resources, including  Brand plan template (.ppt), Roadmap / Campaign Beat Sheet template (.xlsx), Example press release + template (.doc), and Press Kit template.

I hope the book and supporting materials are helpful to the itch.io community – if you have questions, comments and requests for future editions, please do reach out. 



Source: itch.io