Right now we’re working on our very first project: EGO Pollution Madness, a 2D open-world action platformer that combines a fast and skillful game mode with puzzle-solving and a captivating narrative, which you’ll enjoy through the exploration of a huge futuristic environment composed of non-linear areas where pollution has life on the verge of extinction.

You play as Proto, a little hero with a mission to help restore the forces of the elemental spirit of life, fighting pollution monsters created by an evil corporation. As you help the spirit of life regain its strength, you’ll gain experience, skills, improvements for your cyber prosthesis and allies to help you in your adventure. You’ll learn how the planet reached this terrible situation where life is not sustainable, as well as understand the responsibility, and the actions that we humans must avoid to prevent this possible future.  

In this Alpha Demo, you can try some of the mechanics that we have incorporated, and have a sneak peek at the cyberpunk art we have created and developed. We hope you enjoy playing it and give us some feedback to improve and move forward with this project.