Hello. I posted the game for the first time. I’d love it if you could play!

“I want to live abroad!” and “I want to try out life in Europe!”
These are the ambitions that serve as the foundation for this “Life Abroad Simulator”.

You, the protagonist, have at long last moved to the city of Berlin in Germany from your motherland of Japan. However, it turns out that it’s a tiny bit different from how it was described online. From the start, things begin to go amiss. Your housing turns out to be run illegally, so you have no choice but to move out as hastily as you moved in. From here, you have little choice but to wander the streets of this new and mysterious land in pursuit of new lodging.

Berlin holds within it many bizarre happenings for the player to inevitably get caught between and a wide variety of strangers for them to meet and converse with. Coupled with the perplexity of the situation, experience what life is like far from home in Berlin Quest!

(The events of this game are based on various real-world elements.)

Source: itch.io