G’day Everyone!

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We have exciting news this week, as we have finally set up a Steam page! If you’ve been watching the development of Bears in Space, you can now wishlist it. The whole team is stoked to see all of our hard work culminated and looking great on the Steam store.

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To go with it, we created a brand new teaser trailer which shows off much more than we’ve shown before, including some interesting new enemies, weapons and gadgets, and we finally answer our most often asked question, “Where are the bears?”

As we solidify ourselves as a company, we sought out a local artist to create a logo for the studio, Broadside Games. We’re all huge fans of gross-out art so we decided to go with something in that style. BroadsideLogoIn gameplay related news, we’ve been working on and have almost completed a new action packed level, which will be playable at any events we go to. Creating the level helped us flesh out new an entirely new dynamic music system which has added a much needed missing layer to the gameplay of Bears In Space. It was also an opportunity to play with the Sequencer in Unreal Engine 4 for building cinematics.

Screenshot BearsInSpace4Screenshot BearsInSpace3

We continue to add new gadgets to the player’s toolbelt, our most recent addition is a cartoon classic; a toilet plunger. Next update we will be showing you just how the player will be using this, but for now we have a little teaser.


And that’s it for this week, we have some more exciting things we’re keen to show off soon, so keep an eye out for another post from us sometime soon!

Source: Indie DB