Fruity Garden is a fruity match 3 game with tons of single player levels and a 1v1 multiplayer game mode.

In the multiplayer game mode compete against your opponent in realtime using the same board taking turns in a fight of who will win 100 pears first!

  • Collect blackberries to unlock the Choco Bomb power-up
    • Choco Bombs destroy all the tiles on the board of a specific colour
  • Collect tangerines to unlock the Magic Wand power-up
    • Magic Wand replaces all of the fruits on the board from a specific colour to pears
  • Collect strawberries to unlock the Acorn Thief power-up
    • Acorn Thief steals 5 pears from your opponent, but it consumes your turn
  • Collect blueberries to unlock the Lollipop power-up
    • Lollipops allow you to destroy a single fruit tile of your choice

The single player mode features over 100 levels! The game is available for Android and IOS as well.