The Lost Art of Innkeeping, which is based on a demo that won 2nd prize in the 2017 Indie Game Makers Contest, has just been released and is on sale for $4.49 until May 17! Find out more at

You’ve just inherited a dismal manor and a giant debt. Will you succeed in your new career as innkeeper, and solve the mysteries lurking behind the manor’s doors?

You’ll meet interesting and humorous guests, discover new areas and upgrades for the manor and the nearby village, complete mini-quests such as hunting down the ghost haunting the manor and restoring an ancient temple, and find items and beautiful paintings that will help you achieve your goals. Immerse yourself in a fantastic historical setting, where the newly-invented telephone and Charles Dickens novels can coexist with fairies and actual cat burglars, and where people have penguins and turnips as pets.